Oldest writing symbols (before Sumerians …

Tărtăria_tablets_smallOldest writing symbols (before Sumerians, hieroglyphs and Dead Sea Scrolls) was found at Tărtăria, Romania, on three small tablets dated around 5300 BC.

The Tărtăria tablets are three tablets, discovered in 1961 by archaeologist Nicolae Vlassa at a Neolithic site in the village of Tărtăria (about 30 km (19 mi) from Alba Iulia), in Romania. The tablets, dated to around 5300 BC, bear incised symbols known as Vinča symbols.

These tablets, together with the symbols have been the subject of considerable controversy among archaeologists. It happened so because it is (still) hard to prove that these symbols represent, in fact, a type of language. Yet, these remains the oldest symbols known that could be associated with a type of writing.

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